Using Visual Composer and The Ultimate Addon

Learning to use Visual Composer and the Ultimate Addon has been interesting and fun but also quite challenging at moments. But these videos have helped! Training videos from WPBakery: Ultimate addons examples Ultimate addon videos Video Series on Rows

Helpful links, links and more links!

During this class Penny has shown us loads of useful and amazing plug ins, tutorials, themes, and on and on….Here are a few of them! WordPress Design & Development  WP Designer WordPress Codex WordPress Garage WordPress Max Hack WordPress Digging into WordPress WordPress Recipes WordPress Beginner WordPress news Blog Herald WordPress Publisher Blog Weblog Tools…

Project 3 – Page Builder

For the third project I will be building a single page scrolling site using the Visual Composer page builder plugin onto of the King theme. The site will be for the fictional company, Flourish Yogurt, for which I developed the identity and branding.    

Project 2 – Customize Existing Themes

For our second project I am going to create my personal design portfolio site. I will be customizing the “Motive” theme from Themezilla. This theme has a clean, minimalist overall look and includes sortable portfolio posts an several options for image galleries.  I will customize the colors, fonts and image treatments to reflect my personal branding….

Consider performance when choosing a WP theme

One of the issues that has come up over and over again for me this semester is how to know if the WordPress theme you are choosing is a good one! I think time and experience using the themes is a key component but I have run across several articles that bring up other points to…

WP Class Resources

Today I am going to harvest a few gems from the treasure trove of awesome WordPress resources that Penny has collected for us on the class Blackboard site and store them here for my future use! Digging Into WordPress Google Web Fonts WP Designer WordPress Codex  WordPress Garage WordPress Max Hack WordPress Digging into WordPress…

Web Design Resources #1

I have to admit that I stumble across many, many, many of my favorite design inspirations and resources through FaceBook. This is awesome list of web design resources is no exception. Although put together by 1st Web Designer, it came to me through the Abduzeedo FB feed. This extensive list of mostly free resources has everything from typography…

First Post

This is the first post for my blog for WordPress class Spring 2016. On this blog I will post tips and tricks for using WP, good themes, tutorials, and great how-to’s. As well as resources culled from the fabulous Penny A. 🙂